Monday, March 02, 2009

Spring and distraction

I think that the spring has actually arrived in Paris. It's getting warm outside and the sun is shining almost every second day now! Yay! I've even changed to my spring coat! I have to admit it feels a bit weird when everyone in Finland talkes about the snow or how they're going to go skiing etc. Because at the moment, I can hardly remember what snow is like. Or imagine what -10 degrees feels like.

But along with the spring, comes distraction. I just don't seem to be able to focus on anything right now. When I try to read, I end up stearing out of my window, thinking about everyone back home or planning something more interesting to do than doing homework. Like playing the piano. I finally had my first pianolesson here in Paris. The teacher, Nina, seems very nice but also pretty rigorous so I guess I actually have to really practise my homework :P The only problem is that I can't compleately relax here by the piano at the recidense. Because the walls are so thin that I know everyone in the corridor can hear when I play. And probably those too who live above. And still added to this, the whole wall towards the corridor only consist of big windows. So that means, that the poeple in the corridor can not only hear me play but also see me playing! And that's very distracting... and unconfortable. But well, I guess I just have to get used to it.

I by the way finally bough a poster for my room:

But since it's only the size of A4, it looks rather small on the wall so I guess I have to find another one too. I actually know which one I'd like to have (another poster by Alphonse Mucha) but I just can't find it anywhere. Luckily I have a plan B too :)

On sunday, when it was the first sunday of the month, most of the museums here in Paris had a free entrance. So we took advantage of that and went to Centre Georges Pompidou and its museum of modern art. I'm actually not such a big fan of modern art but somehow I still always manage to find something interesting. I especailly like colourful, abstract paintings. Not because I find some kind of message in them, but rather because the colours please me :)

However, this one I found very amusing too:

It's a painting by Picasso, called The Violon. It's a shame there wasn't such a painting of a piano too. That would have been nice to see.


Anna said...

.... jag har exakt den där postern, i A4, från Paris :D Köpte den nånstans nära parlamentet om jag inte minns helt vansinnigt.

Nina said...

Vad kiva att din pianolärare heter Nina, hon e säkert jättebra ;)