Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clearing my head

It's funny how little people actully change after a certain age. I remembered publishing some of my English essays here on the blog after finishing school (in february 2006) and when I read them again it was so... recognizable. I could very well write something like that today too. Especially the first essay about ruling the world. Because even though I've already seen and experienced much more of the world, I'm still awfully naive. And childish. I really do wear pink glasses. And I'm still not ready to take them off. Perhaps I'll never be ready?

I've really been thinking a lot lately (that's what I do when I've got too much spare time, apologies to all my friends who have been forced to listen to my complainings!) so to clear my head, I've noticed it's good to go for a walk while listening to some good music. Apparently there's some kind of artist's quartiers near me with a lot of shops that sell antiquities. Probably very expensive too... But it's free to look :) The buildings were very nice:

I like red brick houses. They're beautiful and makes this city a bit more colourful. Because I've noticed that most of the houses here in Paris actually have this pretty dull greyish colour. So if you look at the panorama of the city, it's grey no matter what kind of weather it is!

And therefor I was pretty happy and also surprised when I suddenly realized a few days ago that the house I live in is actually a red brick house too! I guess I had never really looked at it before...

I by the way live on the sixth floor. Or well, according to our way of counting floors in Finland, I live on the seventh floor. Because in France the ground floor is floor nr. 0. I can't actually decide which way of counting I like more. They're both good :)

Well, now I gotta go again :) C ya!

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