Sunday, March 08, 2009

Different kind of art

Yesterday I went to see the Catacombs of Paris, a huge underground "graveyard" where about 6 million former parisians rest. It's very impressive in a macabre kind of way. Here's a few pictures:

Imagine that it has actually been somebody's job to organize these bones! And in different shapes... I saw for example a heart made of sculls. And there were this one place where you were able to see inside the catacombs and not just these organized frontage and the sight was unbelievable! So many bones!! It actually felt a bit surreal. It was hard to imagine that those bones actually have been real human beeings...

And since we were below the groundwater level, it was very humide down there. There was even water dropping from the roof and once we got out, our cloths were very damp. So I felt a bit cold... Quite suitable after a visit with the dead ;)

In the eveing I actually felt a bit sick (like everyone else in this town...) so I went to bed really early, already at nine. And I must really have been tired because I slept till almost nine in the morning. I remember waking up sometime during the evening/night and heard that my neighbour was home and listened to music, loud as usual. But eventhough that usually disturbes me, I went right back to the sleep again. Amazing! And apparently a 12 hours sleep can do miracles because today I felt good again. So, to celebrate that and the international women's day I went to the baker and bought a croissant for breakfast. It was still warm. And sooo good :P Then I also went to Louvre again to go through another part of this enormous museum. Today I saw the rooms of Napoleon III. They were really beautiful with a lot of golden details and red velvet all around. And huge chandeliers hanging from the roofs! The youthcard to the Louvre (that has a very interesting picture...) has really payed off! I think one ticket to Louvre costs perhaps something like 7-9€, but by buying this card for 15€, you can go there as often as you like. And thereby you don't have to exhaust yourself by running through everything in just one day. Because there's really a lot worth seeing.

Yeah, well, the picture... Among all the hundreds of paintings in the Louvre, they chose this one for the youthcard:

It just doesn't stop confusing me... But perhaps they thought it'll attract young people. Don't know...

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