Friday, March 13, 2009

And the strike continues!

What a surprise! (Not!) I've been here one and a half months already and have had something like 5 lessons... Very useful indeed... But at least now one of the teachers has promised no student will suffer from the strike, we'll get our credits anyway. So that was good news!

But on the other hand I'm a bit annoyed when I think about that I could actually have finished my bachelor's degree in history last Christmas if I hadn't decided to go abroad. And now that I'm here, doing practically nothing at all, it feels a bit cui bono. Because now I also have to wait one year before I can apply for the class teacher education next time since the test is in may and the interview in the beginning fo june, i.e. when I'm still in Paris. *sigh* Well, at least I hope I don't have to start all over again and study five more years. least I think it's class teacher I wanna be... I've actually also been thinking about kindergartner... But I think class teacher suits both my visions and my interests better. I hope. Oh, it's always so hard to make decisions about the future... But I actually have a pretty good plan, even a subject for my pro gradu, so perhaps I just have to stick to this plan now and stop thinking and worrying too much :)

Anyway, now that we don't have any lessons, I've got a lot of time to do other stuff (apart from reflecting over my future life...). Like crocheting a cap! :)

Still have to figure out how to decorate the cap... perhaps with a yellow flower? Or some colourful buttons? My new mission is to bring more colours back to Finland! :D I've also bought some colourful trinkets I can shock the dull and grey finns with :P Hihii...

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