Friday, March 20, 2009

Searching for Kupolen!

I can see a dome from my window here in Paris and I'd very much like to know what it is! But as soon as I get outside and start walking towards it, it seems to disappear! I don't understand how it's possible! I've tried to look for it several days now but I just can't find it. Very annoying!

Here's some other places I've found in stead, not only during my search of the dome but during other walking tours in the city too :)

This is Place des Vosges which was build by king Henry IV for some purpose I don't remember at the moment... :)

And here you can see the famous Pont Neuf! :) I actually took this picture to show you how big the leaves are on some trees over here already! All of the trees doesn't look like that yet but this city is getting greener and greener for every day that passes by... Unfortunately it seems like the allergy has also started disturbing me... *sigh*

Yesterday me and Liss went to Bois de Vincennes. That's the biggest park in Paris, actually three times bigger than Central Park in New York. We had read on the internet that you can rent bikes over there and discover the whole area. But when we got there, they told us that the winter season doesn't end before the middle of april and therefor there was no bikes nor was almost anything open. So we decided to do something else in stead and return there in april.

Before we left, we did have a look at Château de Vincennes, though:

This should be the most famous tower of that castle. The whole fortress was build in the 14th century and also played an important role for the king while he was using the Bois de Vincennes for his hunting-hobby.

Afterwards, we went to Jardin de Luxembourg and ate some lunch while enjoying the sunshine. I think it's been really hot the two last days and I really don't understand some french people who still wear thick winter jackets! I mean, for me it feels like a chilly summer day in Finland!

Snufkin and my lizard says hello to all of you! They very much enjoed chilling in the park too! :) Thank you once again, Marie, for sending me a new Snufkin pin! As you can see, I haven't lost this one yet! Hopefully it'll keep going strong on my bag. I've also been surprised of how much attention the green lizard made out of a circuit board (the one Eerika gave me last birthday) gets over here! Almost every day I've worne this jacket there's been someone who's commented on it and said it was nice/beautiful/sweet/interesting. Even total strangers in the metro! Didn't think something I've brought with me from Finland would have drawn so much attention in Paris - the city where you can find almost everyting! Amazing...

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