Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wonderful, wonderful spring!

I've been spending a lot of time outdoors lately because the weather is just so lovely! The sun is shining and it's around +15° warm! Yesterday I even walked without my coat on for a while! Perhaps I'll soon even get tanned! :P

Makes me wonder why people ever moved to Finland? And why do so many still stay there when they just end up feeling cold and depressed during the never ending winter?

...but don't worry, I'm not going to stay here in France forever! At least not this time ;)

Today I met some people from Finland, yay! Monna and Larissa came to Paris (I know them from ÖFN and Monna actually studies in Montpellier at the moment) so I showed them around a bit. Or at least I tried. This city is so big that I haven't really got to know it yet. I just know the major monuments and the quartiers around Sorbonne and where I live. The rest is still a bit blurry. Or a lot blurry... :) I still find new streets every day, even though I would just go out for a short walk in the neighbourhood.

While I waited for their train to arrive, I walked a bit around Gare de Lyon, the trainstation nearest me. Here's by the way what it looks like:

As you can see, the clock tower is inspired by Big Ben in London. The whole station was actually build for the World Exposition of 1900 and therefor, a real masterpeace. Very beautiful with a lot of decorative details.

On one side of the station I found a perfect "hidingplace":

So I sat down there for a while, face towards the sun and read a chapter in my new french pocket book. It's already my fourth french pocket book since I arrived! Almost feeling proud of myself :D But still have to look up a lot of words in the dictionnary and it's a actually a bit frustrating when I seem to forget the word I just looked up the moment I get back to reading. But I hope at least some of the words will stay in my head and be added to my vocabulary! Because I really want to improve my french. Otherwise this spring will be a really useless way of spending all the money I have on my poor bank account...

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