Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mozart-Amélie cocktail


Malin is going to see an opera at Palais Garnier, the old, beautiful operahouse I showed you some pictures from! This will take place next thursday :) Almost everything was sold out but there were some tickets left to this opera, Idomeneo, by Mozart and then a ballet. The weirdest thing was that we had to chose between a seat from where you wouldn't be able to see anything at all and another seat from where we'll see a little. So we took the more expensive ones and are now hoping that we're going to be able to see at least a small corner of the stage! This is also why we chose the opera in stead of the ballet... There's no point going to a ballet if you can't see the dance. In a opera you can at least hear what they sing. Why do they even sell seats like this? Or the places probably behind a pole where you can't see anything?! Don't understand... :) But at least we now got a chance to see a show at the opera!

And guess what else? Now I've finally visited "Le café des deux Moulins" from Amélie! Yay!

I've walked past this place a few times already but I had never entered it till now.

The hot chocolate was delicious! And it was very interesting to compare the café to the scenes in the movie. Some of it were the same, some not. I guess the owner of the café must be very happy that the producer of Amélie chose this café for his movie, because now I think it's one of the most popular cafés in Paris. It's almost always filled with people wanting to drink a coffe "chez Amélie". Just like me too :D

Can't wait to get back home and watch Amélie again! Hihii!

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