Monday, March 23, 2009

My room

Today I've mostly stayed in my room. It seems like the strike finally is about to end, so I decided to do some reading for the courses I have here in Paris! Then I also played some piano and talked a bit about a guy living a few rooms away from me. He stoped me in the corridor and asked if I'm the new person living in room 649 and then asked if I'd mind to talk just a few minutes to get to know one another better. And even though I thought it was strange and suspicious that someone wanted to talk with a total stranger, I stayed for a little while. I guess I'm getting used to this strange kindness and interest here in France.

But actually, I'm not so interested in getting to know the poeple who lives here. Since I do so much every day here and have to use french all the time, I'm usually only happy when I'm able to just come back to my room and be all alone. But now, if I get to know some people in the residence, someone can come and knock on my door anytime they want! I'd rather like to choose for myself when I want to be social and when I don't...

Anyway, since I've spent so much time in this room today, I thought it's finally time to show you some pictures from where I live at the moment. And since a picture says more than a thousand words, here we go!

Well, here's both my "bathroom" and my very small kitchen with that one single hot plate to cook food with... But at least I found something that makes cooking a bit more fun:

Mrs Salt and Mr Pepper, who's flirting with each other every day. Who knows where this will end?

And here's the view when I enter my room. My table underneath the window with the horrible curtains! The colour is almost ok when the sun is shining like in the picture, but in the evenings they're just ugly... And yeah, my computer is of course the centre of the room :D There I do everyting. Study, listen to music, look at my photos, chat with my friends.

My bed is in a strange kind of corner where the roof is much lover than in the rest of the room. Haven't figured out yet what that's good for. One the wall you can also see my two posters. Yeah, I've bought another one now. It was not the one I've been looking for but still ok :)

And here's the final view with my door, my bookshelf (with a very few actual books...) and my wardrobe. On the small wall on the left, opposite to my bed, I have established "a wall of fame":

All the mails I've gotten so far :)

And to get something to think about every time I walk trough my door, I found these postcards in the lobby:

From left to right it says:
- "Pour vous, l'aventure, c'est maintenant... ou jamais?" (in english: For you, the adventure is right now... or never?)
- "Et vous, ça vous arrive de penser aux autres?" (And you, do you ever think about others?)
- "Et vous que faites-vous de votre talent?" (And you, what do you do with your talent?)

...or something like that... Even though I know exactly what they mean in french, I just didn't seem to find a good translation for the... :)

Yeah... so this is my home at the moment. Quite big actually if I compare it to for example the one-room flats of Sophie or Liss! And I've really tried to make it cosy, but on the other hand, it's only for five months (or less than tree months left now) so it feels on the same time a bit unnecessary to put down too much effort on it.

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Det ser litet men trevligt ut! :)