Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost bored...

*sigh* Once again half a day has gone by without me doing anything in particular... I'm almost getting bored and hoping our lessons will start again soon! ...but only almost... ;)

Why is all the happenings always consentrated to the evenings and weekends? Why not start the day by doing something fun in the morning? Well ok, then there's always the fact that you have to get up in time... But say, for example at eleven or twelve? In stead you now start your morning by slowly eating breakfast and then sitting down, waiting for the inspiration to do something (read: homework) to come. And that never comes! So after a few hours of doing nothing, you have to force yourself to start working. And forcing oneself to do something is never nice.

It doesn't by the way look very good with the lessons at the moment. Yesterday students were buildning barricades of chairs and tables to block the Sorbonne. And there's different demostrations almost every day now. Rumours say that the strike will continue till the end of march. Ok, don't have anything against a long holiday, but then, on the other hand, if we can't study, how will we get the credits we need? And if there will be a long strike, they might also extend the spring semester till the end of june to compensate it. Well, well... we'll see...

Guess where we had dinner yesterday? At Hard Rock Café Paris :P So now I've seen that too.

It was a very nice evening indeed, with good company and good music. And the dessert was pure joy! *slurps* But I'm glad I shared it with Sophie because after the food I was already full. The portions are enormous!
It's true Hard Rock Café is so far from being french as can be, but I liked what Sophie said about that: "I think I've had enough of France and their habbits and want to for at least one evening do something not french!" :D And it's true... with the strike and all, we've really experienced the french culture as it is ;) And, I've even started to get annoyed when the musicians come and play in the metro, beging for money. They destroy the good music I listen to with my iPod! Don't they understand that they can't just come and disturb me when I listen to ABBA or Coldplay?! That's just rude! *lol*

And hey! I'm a genious! I realised that my blanket is big enough to fold it doubled! So last night, I for the first night here in Paris slept without socks! Yay!

...still wearing a scarf, though... because it's still cold outside the blanket...

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Anonymous said...

Var "Jackson" kvar på Hard Rock Café?