Thursday, March 05, 2009

Music, music and some more music

Yay! The strike continues! You know whar that means? I don't have to get up at 6.30 tomorrow morning!! Isn't that just wonderful? :P I really thought I was going to die both yesterday and on tuesday when my alarmclock rang that early. I was soooo tired! But today was better, I slept till 9.30 :)

There was by the way an occupation of the university yesterday so the whole building was surrounded by policemen. Nobody was allowed to get inside after 5 pm and we who had had lessons had some trouble getting out of there. Pretty cool :P

Today I went to Forum des Halles, a huge shopping center, and there I found a musical library with loads of sheetmusic! It was my pianoteacher who told me to go there to find another version of the Walz by Chopin, because apparently (she thought) the version I have is not correct at all! (Yes Nina, it's the version you've given me! *lol*). But there were lots of other, fun music sheets too! Like for example Disney-songs! Hihii! And since it isn't that expensive to make copies there, I'll probably take with me home loads of new music sheets to play on the piano :P

...Although, I think the library at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki is a bit bigger... But they don't have as much contemporary music than over here.

Well, gotta go now. Opera tonight ;) C ya!

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Nina said...

Va!? Det var ju konstigt... Men nu när jag funderar kommer jag ihåg att min pianolärare vid något skede sa att just de noterna inte brukar vara lika bra som ett annat förlags noter...