Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Le rhume de Paris...

Now it at last happened to me too. The thing I've been waiting for ever since I got to Paris. Now I've caught a cold. Like everyone else here in Paris. Seriously, there's not a single person that I know over here that hasn't been/is at the moment sick. And people in the metro keep coughing and sneezing too. So it would have been a miracle if I hadn't become ill too. But at least now I have a good reason to stay in bed till noon, drink loads of tea and eat chocolate :P Yep, I've bought my first french chocolate. It's not bad... but still nothing compared to Fazer ;)

Yesterday we thought our lessons would finally start again. But no. Sorbonne is still closed *sigh* I have to say that I actually have had enough of this strike right now. I never thought I would actually miss studying!

Oops... the chocolate is already finito... And I bought it yesterday... Hmph. I don't like these packages with only 100g of chocolate...

Yesterday I also went looking for a new evening dress because my old one... well, that's just old. And I've worne it so many times already! So since there's a lot of shops over here that sell evening dresses somehing like four times cheaper than in Finland, I decided it was time to buy a new one. And amazingly enough, I found one almost directly! Yay :)

Some time ago me and Sophie also went to discover Notre Dame. I mean, we walk pass it several times a week, but this time we actually went to have a look inside and even attended a guided tour. And that was really interesting! The guide was very inspireing and told us a lot of stories about the church and details about its history. And I really mean a lot on information! Because the tour lasted for one and a half hours! But strangely enough, I didn't even noticed how the time passed by. She was just a very good guide. We were even allowed to enter the altar-area with her even though it's usually closed for public. So it was really worth it! :)

What else? Oh, I finally figured out what the dome I see from my window is. It's actually the clocktower of Gare de Lyon! *lol* I guess it was just too close and too easy. Didn't even search there because it seemed to be much further away... But well, now I've solved the mystery.

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Eliel said...

Vet du, på tal om choklad... Valrhona-kakao (d.v.s. het choklad) gör susen... Föreslår att du sveper dig i en filt hemma och släpar dig igenom stan o bänkar dig någonstans med kakao. Sen bara igenomlider du flunssan. Prosit, jag snorar nämligen också och tänker således trösta mig med bulla och kopiösa mängder kaffe.