Thursday, April 02, 2009

Villaområde i Paris!

Yeah, that's right! I found a residential district here in Paris! It was already a few days ago, but I haven't had time to update my blod. Too much to too and too lovely a weather for staying indoors :)

But, last tuesday, me and Liss decided to discover something new, so we jumped on a bus just to see where it'd take us! And what we found at the endstation was a lovely, magificent and cute part of Paris, totally different from the areas we've so far seen! There were real, small houses and beautiful gardens! Real houses!! Not these dull, unfriendly apartement buildings you see in the city center!

This is a part of Paris I actually could consider living in! But... I guess it's pretty expensive too! So perhaps it's still a better idea to buy a house in Finland... :P

Then we actually had a walk in Montmartre too, my favourite part of the city. The streets over there are so small and cute. You always find some new places! And as long as you don't walk right by the church Sacré-Coeur, there isn't even too many tourists and people trying to sell you useless junk.

Another of my favourite parts of the city is the banks of river Seine. There's these wonderful walkways right down beside the water. When you walk there, you don't even hear so much of the traffic that's usually very loud everywhere else! Here's a few picture I took yesterday while I walked home from Sorbonne... after I had eaten a delicious piece of cake I bought in a café :P

The first one is taken near Notre Dame and the second one not far from where I live.

But now I gotta run again, I'll tell you more tomorrow! ;)

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