Monday, April 20, 2009


Wow, I don't think I've ever updated my blog this fast after I've done something! But this morning I went to Fontainebleau with Sophie and Liss and her sisiter+husband who are here in Paris at the moment. It was fun but I had to speak englisg the whole day which was a bit different! But I think it would have been much harder like last week, because now I've mostly talked swedish with my friends and parents for a week, so the french wasn't (or isn't) as strongly in my head as it used to be.

Anyway, Fontainebleau is a palace just outside Paris with a small, very cute village around it. Seriously, I think this was the cutes town I've been to here so far! The houses were so lovely and most of them had small, lovely gardens too! I somehow reminded me of the town in Disney's Beauty and the Beast...

This is one of the streets in the town... although it looked much cuter in reality... :)

The palace was nice too but I guess it in the same time was quite normal and unspecial. Not that we have anything like that in Finland! :D But over here, there's small palaces everywhere!

This is the main entrance of the palace. I especially liked the stairs! Inside, there was all these differents rooms with different meanings I don't even remember. But I noticed there was a huge library! Or not big for our times, but really huge for back then when books were still quite rare and expensive. Then Fontainebleau also has the only royal throne left in it's original place. Maybe because this palace had it's glory as late as during the regime of Napoleon.

Around the palace there was also a big park, but unfortunately the biggest part, the english park, of it was closed today :( So we just had to be satisfied with the smaller french parc with it's fountain in the middle. But at least there were two swans swimming in the fountain! :P Although, I thought there would have been more flowers in the park. It was actually just grass, some bushes and trees. And that one big fountain. But hey, the sun was shining and it was warm, so I'm not complaining! It was really nice to sit down by the canal leading out from the park and eat some lunch, enjoying the calm nature before heading back to noicy Paris again :) I guess I'm still very finnish. Nature and a calm environement are importants things for me. I could never live in Paris for the rest of my life. Too big, too noicy, too unfriendly. And even though there's a lot fo parks all around the city, that's just not the same :)

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