Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slimy, slipery snails

I ate snails! And it wasn't at all that bad. Not that I would call it my favourite dish, but pretty nice. Tasted like mushrooms in garlic and persley. And they looked very pretty on the plate too :)

So now I only have the frog's legs left to taste here in France :P

Yesterday me and my parents went to Giverny, to the house and gardens of Claude Monet. To get there you first had to take the train to the city of Vernon and continue from there with a buss to Giverny. The whole trip started with long queues at the railwaystation, but we bought the tickets from an automat in stead and caught the train we wanted to take. It was actually only on the way back we (again) had some problems. This time it was with the bus. The buses here have very strict rules that says they're not allowed to transport standing passengers. Unfortunately the buses didn't go so often between Giverny and Vernon, so we happened to be a lot of people for that one bus, wanting to take the same train back to Paris. And since there wasn't enough seats for everyone, the busdriver didn't first want to take all of us to Vernon. But after a lot of "S'il vous plaît" etc, we finally got going. And even got to the railwaystation in time, even though there were some very worried people on board of the bus... I'm so used to the problems over here already, so I actually almost enjoyed the situation. It was funny to listen to all the arguments :) But really, the byreaucracy over here, it can sometimes be very annoying...

Once in the garden we walked around looking at all the flowers and the famous views from Monet's paintings, and I wonder if I've ever before taken as many photos of flowers as I did there. There were just so many interesting and colourful ones that I couldn't resist!

Here's a view of the garden:

Unfortunately the water lilies didn't bloom yet. Because that would really have been nice to see! Especially now that I've seen the real paintings in Musée d'Orangerie here in Paris...

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