Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April in Paris

Here's some new pictures from Paris. If you want to get into the right mood, you can always listen to the jazz-song "April in Paris" while you look at them ;) It describes the spring here pretty well... Because as I said, it's lovely! Really marvellous!

This is the same sidewalk by the Saine I showed you another picture of earlier. Now it's just so much greener.

And I don't need to go to Japan to be able to see the cherry-trees blooming! They are just so beautiful! But unfortunately most of them doesn't have any flowers left anymore...

Notre Dame with one of the restaurant/pub boats in front.

This picture is taken in Bois de Bologne, one really big park in western Paris. We went there for a picknick with my parents while they were here. Champagne and baguettes with cheese. And a croissant for dessert! :P

Still the Seine and Ile de la Cité, while the sun is about to set. People always gather around the shores to enjoy the last minutes of the sun by the water.

Does this picture really need an explanation? :)

But this spring in Paris hasn't only been splendid weather and beautiful parks, it has also been "la grève", i.e. the strike... That by the way still continues to at least monday. Although most of the teachers have started teaching anyway, I think they're sick of doing nothing too. So this morning I again had my italian lesson in a café :) And now, the hospitals actually has a strike too. Don't know hwy, though...

And as you can see, the strike is really everywhere:

The text on the bench says "Grève Général", so it seems to me the bench sympathize with the strikers and has droped one of its planks so that nobody can sit down on it :)

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