Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok, so I don't update my blog in something like a week and immediately there's someone complaining! :P But ok then, here we go again!

I've gotten a lot to do lately since there's been people here visiting me. My parents are here at the moment and two friends from the university also spent a few days here in Paris. So practically, I've been running around to all the major tourist attractions :P But I can't tell you about that right now, becasue now I just have to talk about Disneyland!! Yay!!

I went there on wednesday with Hena and Sophie and even though we spent there whole nine hours, I wasn't bored a single minute! And oh no, I am NOT too old for Disneyland! No no no! In fact, we came to the conclusion that the best age to go to Disneyland is actually between 20 and 30 years old and before you have kids of your own. Because then you can really appreciate all the splendour around you and you don't have to listen to your grumpy kids when they're tired after a long day and hyperactive after consuming too much sugar. I've actually been there once before, but I was equally excited this time too, and even though it's very expensive, I don't think I would say no to a third time either :P

The whole Disneyland is really like a whole another world! It must have cost a fortune to build it! Everything is so perfect into the tiniest little detail. There's nothing they haven't thought through. I know pictures aren't even close to reality, but here still a few to give you a hint of what it looks like:

This is the main entrance to the park of Disneyland. There's actually another park too, called Disney studios, but it's impossible to have time for both of then in just one day, so we only went to the older, traditional one.

Yo ho! Pirates ahead! Bevare! Who knows what Captain Hook can do?

And here was a big roller coaster in the wild west-part of the park. Disneyland is divided in five different worlds, each with it's own theme.

The most classical or famous view of Disneyland :) And the girliest part of the park too. Very different to e.g. the pirate/adventureland.

But, as I said, you have to experience it yourself. Just to walk around and recognize all the stuff from your favourite movies. And then have fun in the different amusement machines too! Although, there's always so much people there that the queues are horrible! There's no way you have time to see and experience even half of the parc during one day, because you have to spend so much time waiting and waiting and waiting... But at least they've made the waiting interetsing too with splendid side-scenes all around you.

This time, I didn't see any of the caracters though :( So I wasn't able to shake hands with Mickey Mouse. The only time I saw them was during the daily parade, but that's not the same thing as seeing them walking around in the streets. But the parade too was so great! This year, the theme was the classic movies. Here's a video of the Lion King section:

Aren't they adorable? :)

But well, perhaps I've talked enough about Diseyland now because I could really talk about this for ages. Better stop before some of you get bored. I can in stead show the interested ones all my photos from the park once I get back home to Finland :P Then we can have a Disney-evening together and watch Disney-movies! Jookos? :D

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Anna said...

=D Jag minns den där paraden - det är säkert tio år sedan jag var där, men det fastnade i minnet! Hmm, borde ta ett varv tillbaka nån gång...