Friday, April 03, 2009

Best lesson ever!

Haha! Sorbonne is still blocked so you can't get in, but now a lot of teachers have decided to teach anyway. Every time you walk to Sorbonne you see small groups of students and a teacher sitting in a park or standing in the square outside the mainbuilding. And my teacher in italian also decided to teach, so for once I didn't go to Sorbonne at 8 in the morning for nothing! We were still only three students who arrived so we decided to go to a café near Sorbonne and there we had a really nice and relaxing lesson drinking coffee (or hot chocolate) and eating huge croissantes. And when we were about to leave, the teacher even payed for everything! :D

Yesterday was a warm and sunny day, and me, Liss and Sophie started it by going up in the air with a balloon. There's somekind of environmental week going on here in France, and therefor I happened to see in the newspaper that the rides with the balloon were free. But it turned out that it wasn't actually a real hot-air balloon, only a small balloon that remained attached to a cable the whole time. But the view was till magnificent!

This is what the small balloon looked like:

And here's the view:

In the evening we then went to have a picknick in a small park called "Parc de Belleville". It was a lovely and quiet small park, not at all like the bigger parks in the city center. Those are always crowded and with a lot of noice. And you're not allowed to sit on the grass! Which is stupid. You can't have a real picknick sitting on a bench! So that's why we were really happy to find this park near where Liss lives. And even though we went there something like 6 in the evening, it was still so warm outside that we could sit there in the sun with only t-shirts!

There we sat for a couple of hours, drinking rosé wine and eating grapes and baguette with french white cheese and ham. And cookies for dessert. Behind us, as you can see on the picture, sat also a guy who played the guitar and later on he was also joined by another guy who started practising juggleing. So at least we were not short of amusement!

This city is always full of surprises... :)

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Oh, siellä on ihan kesä! Lähettäisitkö tännekin epävakaiseen kevätsäähän vähän lämpöä?

Terkkuja Suomesta!