Wednesday, April 08, 2009

First french essay

Sorry, I haven't had the time to update my blog lately because I was too busy with writing my first essay in french. I was actually signed up for an oral commentary, but since there's a strike, I had to do it in written form in stead *sigh* I actually thought our studies would finally start now, but no, Sorbonne was blocked again this afternoon. But we'll see if even the french are tired of striking after the two-week Easter-holiday coming up.

At first I was horrified by the thought that I'd had to write an essay in french, but it was actually much easier than I thought. Perhaps my languages skills are getting better after all, even though I don't practise it as much as if we'd have lessons. I just sent it by e-mail to the teacher, so now I just have to wait and see what she says about it. Hope it's ok.

The funny thing is also that my frustration about this on/off strike also reflects on the music I listen too. When I came here, I listened a lot to soft and happy music but now I keep tracking down the heaviest music I can found on my computer. That I actually don't have much of. So most of the time I just have to be satisfied with Nightwish or Linkin Park... And with only the computer speakers, you can't really talk about feeling the basso :)

But even though I've been busy writing my essay and cursing Sorbonne, I haven't only stayed in my room the whole time! Here's some new stuff I've seen:

Rue Mouffetard. Also known from the Amelie-movie. You know, in the beginning when she hides the metallic box of Dominique Bretodeau in the telefone booth. I didn't think it looked as nice as in the movie, though :P But still worth visiting. A very sweet little street whit a lot of specialized shops.

Then I also visited Pantheon, but that's so NOT worth the money! It's just... simply grey. And there's nothing special about the tombs of famous people in the crypte. But luckily most of the museums and monument are free for poeple under 26 years old since the beginning of april! So now I can go almost wherever I want whitout spending a single coin. ...which means more money left for patisseries etc :P Oh, I just loooove the boulanger-patisseries over here! I'm going to be so big when I return! :D

Anyway, back to the point... After Panteon me and Liss also took a small tour in the Conciergerie that served as a prison during the french revolution. There you can, among other things, have a look at a reconstruction of the cell where Marie Antoinette spent her last days before being executed. At the moment there's also a photo exhibition about the Exhibition Universelles in Paris between 1855 and 1937 and that was really interesting! I love the world exhibitions, it's just so unbelievable that people bothered to build so enormous things only for a few months! And the photos were beautiful! I especially liked the ones where you could see the people of that time. They've actually excisted! And they DID really wear all those lovely clothes you find pictures of in books and see in museums! :P

And here's a sticker they've put in almost every metro:

It says: "One second lost at the station = delay on the whole line"

No wonder people are stressed and depressed. You just don't feel happy when this is among the first things you see in the morning... or afternoon... or any time you take the metro somewhere!

Why didn't they choose a sticker with "Don't worry, be happy" in stead?

As soon as it gets a bit warmer, I will start using my yellow, smiley t-shirt to make people happier. Yes, I've bough my first yellow t-shirt ever! Amazing! I even chocked myself!


Anna said...

Måste säga att strejkarnas uthållighet är imponerande! Jisses.

Glad påsk!! :D *kram*

Nuuskis said...

Jo, verkligen! Men det är väl äkta fransk folkkultur, förankrad i deras själ... *suck*

Men tack, och glad påsk åt dig också! :) *kram*