Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Packing my stuff...

Perhaps it's time to get back to Paris now after all the traveling :)

...Athough I have to admit that I don't think I'm fully in Paris anymore. I just can't stop thinking about when I get back home! Especially now when three of my friends confirmed they're coming over here in june to accompany me home. Yay! :) So now I even already have my ticket to Helsinki! I'm so excited!

And when my parents went back home to Finland, I also sent a lot of my stuff with them. You know, all my thick winter clothes and other stuff I don't think I'll need here anymore during these last one and a half months. Yes, that's all that's left for me. About 7 weeks or 50 days...

The funny thing is that while I was thinking about my plane ticket and packed the bag with the stuff I wanted to send home, I almost forgot I wasn't going home just yet with my parents, that I would actually have to stay here till june. I was so ready to start my trip back home. Because even though it's very nice over here, three months of only being a tourist has really started to feel enough. It's fun for a while but now I think it would be so much nicer to be able to actually start doing something! I wanna come back to Finland and start working!

But on the same time I slowly start to panic when I realize how little I actually have done and seen during my stay here! I mean, any longer trips have been almost impossible since we've never known if the strike will stop or not. So I've mostly stayed in Paris. And although it's a beautiful city, you don't feel like exploring it every single day! Oh no! For example, when I went to Champs-Élycées with my parents and walked down that over crowded street for the third or fourth time, I felt so sick of it. So I'm afraid that when my friends come in june, I will give them a map and wish them good luck with all the touristical sites in the city and stay home all alone continuing my new hobby. Because during this spring I've become seriously addicted to Friends after I discovered I can watch every single episode of it on YouTube. They're just so much funnier than the people in Paris :D

And to get over my panic, I'll by the way skip all my possible lessons next week and go to discover the region of Bourgogne in stead. Hihiii :P

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Anna said...

Jåå, kom hem till jobbet och vår eldiga utställning! :D (Den där utställningen är som gjord för dåliga skämt om vår *hotta* arbetsplats - vi kom på typ fem bara på vernissagen) Vår och vår, har min sista tur imorron. Kääk!

Försök hitta lite vappen i Paris! Själva strejken är iofs lite 1 maj :D