Monday, April 27, 2009

Travel journal, part six: Chartres

And the traveling continues! But this time by car, actually! One of Sophies friends works here in Paris for a few months and she's got a car, so the three of us went on a small road-trip to Chartres, about 80km to the southwest from Paris. It actually felt a bit weird to sit in a car... Haven't been in one since... january! :D That makes me a bit worried about my driving skills too. It's going to feel so weird to drive a car again once I get back home. Jaiks!

Chartres is most famous for its cathedral. It is said to be the finest gothic cathedral in France, built (or finished) in 1220. And even though the rest of the city has been pretty badly damaged especially during the second world war, the cathedral has amazingly enough survived. It had even some glass windows left dating back to the 12th century! That's just amazing! And the glass windows were so pretty too! Those are the things I like the most in old churches, especially when the sun is shining and all the different, bright colours are reflected on the walls and the floor :)

The city of Chartres was, like almost every other town I've visited outside Paris, very sweet :) The old town had a lot of half-timbered houses and small, curving streets and the river Eure floathed through it. It's amazing how water always can give such a nice little touch to a town. Everything looks greener, cleaner and more calmful. And I seriously think people are happier around water :) Haven't you noticed? And people always gather around the water too whenever it's possible. It's like everyone wants to get away from the dull, grey houses in the city... Back to nature! ;)

In Chartres I also tried "macarones" for the first time, which are, despite the name, not pasta but a sweet patisserie. They are these small, round things, looking like hamburgers in different colours, stuffed with some kind of jam in different flavours. But I actually didn't like them too much. They tasted like marzipan. And unfortunately we were too eager to taste them, so I forgot to take a picture. But I'll show you another time :)

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