Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oh hapiness!

Yesterday, I found a piano here at the residence! And not just a piano but a small "flygel"! Yay! And this morning, after my saturday-breakfast with baguette and a brioche, I went playing for an hour. You have to get the key from the doorman, but that's ok since there's almost 24/7 someone in the lodge. The piano isn't in the best condition, but it's fine. Better than nothing at all :) But the most dangerous thing about this is that once I've been playing a real piano here for half a year, I will not stand the electric piano back home anymore. So then I simply HAVE to buy a new, real piano. Woops :D

I still haven't reached my piano techer, though... I tried to call her both yesterday and today but she didn't answer her phone. I hope I'll be able to start going to piano lessons soon since it's almost a month since I went to one the last time. Also, I haven't even been playing for a few weeks now, so this morning I notivec I had actually gone pretty much backwards... But well, now that I know where and when I can play, I may play more often.

A few days ago I also noticed that the university has a flute-group, i.e. people who play the flute gather once a week or so to just play together. But sadly, I left my flute at home, it was too much luggage...

The weather was also very good yesterday. It was pretty warm (around 10 degrees, I think) and the sun was shining during the day. So I thought it was the perfect day to go to Montmartre. I didn't stay there for so long since I got cloudy quite soon, but long enough to walk around in the streets eating a baguette I bought in a bakery. Of course there were (as always) a lot of tourists and people who tried to sell both paintings and bracelets etc but I didn't mind. I liked looking at all the stuff in the shops, especially the posters since I'd like to add some colour to my room. And then, I sat down on the stairs leading up to the church and ate my lunch while looking at the great panorama of the city. I must say it was very nice. I felt good, even though it was the first day since the day I arrived that I felt a bit homesick. But that was probably because I didn't have so much to do. I simply had too much time to think about everyone back home. But once the university lessons start next week, I'll probably have to study more during the evenings and weekends. And once I get more stuff to do, the time will also pass faster and then I'll probably notice I'm back home in Finland even though I've haven't had the time to see and explore even half of all the things I've planned! :)

Here's Sacré-Coeur, perhaps one of my favourite buildings in Paris... This church is just so beautiful.

And this is the view over Paris from Montmartre. I think I live somewhere pretty much in the middle of the picture.

In the evening, I also met some of the other exchange-students and we went to spend the evening in a shishabar near Panthéon (although I first thought we were going to a sushibar! *lol*). Even though my french skills still are much worse than the others', I think it went better this time. I actually formed some real sentences and had a conversation with another girl! Goodie good! But I think I really have to start reading french book because my vocabulary is still not as wide as it should be. It's really hard to find the right words or even synonymes to explain what you really want to say. It's very annoying.

The mint tea at the bar/restaurant was by the way delicious! Loved the glass and the pot too! I want one of those! :)

Oh, and I by the way think Snufkin is protesting agains Paris and France. Not only did I lose my Snufkin pin, but now my Snufkin that I have on my mobile phone also broke! Unbelievable!

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