Friday, February 13, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday there was a Parismus-party so I got home pretty late. And still I had to get up at 6.30 today because my lesson started at 8. But when my alarm rang, I was so tired that I thought that ok, I'll snooze just once and then I'll get up. Well, I guess you already guess what happened. In stead of pressing the snooze-button I had apparently pressed te disactivating button in stead! I woke up again at 7.28 and was like "SHIIIIT!!!!". And up I jumped, skipped breakfast and ran like a maniac to the metro-station. I'm pretty proud though, because I was actually down in the lobby of the residence at 7.34! So it took me only 6 minutes! :D And I even reached the university in time, even though I just can't understand how that's possible since it usually takes almost 45 minutes from door to door. But today, I made it in 25 minutes. And even though I hadn't slept for more than... umm... less than four hours, I didn't fall asleep during the lesson!

Afterwards I went for breakfast with Liss, a canadian girl that I have the same courses with on fridays. But once I had had my cup of hot chocolate and was able to sit down, I started to get really tired. If the next lesson hadn't been as interesting as it was, I would probably had fallen asleep. You know what made it interesting? Not the history at all, because due to the strike we actually didn't have a real lesson. But in stead the teacher gave us some information about the strike and asked us what we thought about that, about the university, about history as a subject etc. And you should have heard the debate! Man, it was loud! Especially when they discussed history and the prospects for a historian. I have to tell all of you from Historicus who read this blog, that apparently a big part of the french students also has this very strong Cui bono?-mentality! :D It was just very amusing to listen to it, although I didn't understand all of it since they were talking very, very fast.

Here's another proof that the students here are very politically engaged:

Clearly Obama has a lot of fans over here too :) This was written on one of the tables in a big auditorium.

But to say a few words about the party... Well, french people just don't drink as much as we do in Finland! Or should I say, they just don't know the noble art of getting the party started :D There was actually a "before" (pronounced frenchly) at one of the Parismus-girls' place. But it wasn't perhaps exactly what we thought it would be. Everyone just sat there, talking and eating cookies and drank very, very little. But then, once we got to the party, everyone was totally waisted after like one drink! Ok, I admit that the drinks were very strong, but me and Sophie drank like four drinks each and almost didn't feel a thing! Poor, poor french people... I wonder what would happen if some of those attended one of our dinners (sitsar)? Which I by the way have started missing already...

We and the polish guy Marcin, decided to have a "Vodka-before" on our own the next time. That just appears to be the only possible solution! :P

Talking of students, today I saw something that almost was like our overalls! Check it out:

Yes, it's very primitive compared to ours', but it's at least something! :)

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