Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just around the corner...

Hmm... Nothing much happening around here at the moment... Just lessons with those of the teachers who are not on a strike. We actually got an e-mail from the Erasmus-coordinator and there he told us that we should prepare for a long strike. Some parts of the University of Sorbonne is already compleately closed and he said the situation at Paris IV (the part of the university I'm studying at) is not likely to get better either. He refered to the strike in 2006 that lasted for three months and said that the situation right now is much more serious and complicated than that one. So, let's see how much studies we are actually going to be able to do here... At least most of the teachers have already given us the work for this semester, so we know what to do.

I also found my way to the library of Sorbonne. It's a shame you're not allowed to take any pictures in there because it's really lovely. The interior is very old and the whole reading room consists of dark wooden furniture. Especially the roof is very beautiful! You can't actually access the books yourself, in stead you have to go through the catalogue and then make an order. And then sit down and wait for the book. But at least in this library you are allowed to take home some books (two at a time for two weeks) if you want, which is not the case in most of the other libraries here in Paris. But actually I don't mind reading in the library, at least then there's not as many disturbing things around you as home (read: computer, other books that are more interesting etc...).

Today, as it again was my free day, I went out for a walk in the neighbourhood. Here's a few places I found not far away from me:

Do you see the french balconies? So lovely! :)

And I just love stairs like these! It's like they promise you'll see something nice once you've climed up.
And here's what I found: a small and peaceful parc. The perfect place to go and read later this spring! There was actually this one guy who sat in the grass with a book in his hand today too, but I think I'll prefer to do that when it's a bit warmer. Don't wanna catch a cold :)

And look at this house and its' exquisite details!

But here's again something I didn't understand:

Christmas decorations hanging over the street! And believe me, this is not the first, nor I think the last Christmas decoration I see here in Paris. Looks kind of strange when the nature around it has already started to turn green...

Oh, and then I found my bell-earrings in my bag! I didn't remember I brought them with me! But now I can walk around tingeling again! Yay! :D

Next time I'll probably have more to tell you since I'm now on holiday for a week and going to visit Trier in Germany and Luxembourg during and extended weekend. Hope it'll be fun! :)


Maria L said...

Härliga bilder! Och du ska ti Tyskland också, nice!
Här snöar de o ja har 3 veckor läger framför mig... Hrrr..

Anonymous said...

Åh det ser så grönt ut där redan! Här får vi bara snö...
Byggnaderna i Paris är så fina :)