Sunday, February 15, 2009


Wow, I've been doing a lot this weekend! Yesterday Parismus organized a tour in the National Opera of Paris (Le Palais Garnier) and that was really worth seeing! It was built in the late 19th century and is a real masterpiece of showing off! It's at the same time both glorious and also very mysterious. You can very well imagine that the scenes of the musical "Phantom of the Opera" actually takes place in this particular building. Here's a few photos from the inside:

But we thought it would be even better to see it in the evening when there's people in fancy dresses in the corridors. Who knows, perhaps we'll found ourselves there, watching an opera or a ballet someday during this spring? The tickets doesn't really cost that much, as long as you don't insist on having the best places to sit :)

In the evening a few of us went out to eat sushi. This was the first time ever I tasted that. But even thought it was pretty good, I have to admit that I prefer chinese food. I'm not such a big fan of fish and cold food, so... :) But it was definately worth trying!

When I took the metro to the sushi-place, I happened to travel on a metroline that was mostly on the ground and not underneath in the dark tunnels. And I just love metros like that! It's so beautiful when you suddently get out of the tunnel and see the city around you. There was espacially on place, not far from where I live, where the metro got up on the ground just before it crossed the river Saine. The sun was just setting in the horrizon and the panorama was like straingt from a moviesceen! I would have taken a photo if there had been time for it, but it all just went so fast that I only concentrated on looking around. But maybe next time!

Then today, I started my day by eating brunch at the university restaurant. Since the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold, we decided to chill out in the Jardin de Luxembourg for a while after that. You know, just walking around and enjoying the sunshine. There were actually a lot of people today, probably on a sundyawalk. Some of them were also sitting on a bench reading the morningpaper or a book. Very idyllic! And do you remember the snowy photo I took of that same parc last week? Well, just to make you a bit jealous, here's what the parc looked like today:

I guess this is NOT what it looks like in Finland at the moment :P

Afterwards we went to visit the cemetery of Père Lachaise. On this graveyard, there's a lot of famous people buried. The ones I was mostly interested in was Edit Piaf and Chopin. I've decided to buy a CD with Edit Piaf during my saty here in Paris. She's just so french and I actually like her songs very much. And Chopin... my favourite composer. I'm actually playing (or practising) a walz by Chopin on the piano at the moment. He's just... splendid! Especially his nocturnes...

Here's the grave of Chopin. But we also went to look at the graves of Honoré de Balzac, Oscar Wilde (which was covered in red lipstick...), Moliere and Jim Morrison.

The last picture has actually nothing to do with anything, I just loved the sight of a red rose on the ground and had to take a photo of that :)


Anonymous said...

Oj vad jag sku också vilja besöka de där platserna! Garnier-operan var säkert en upplevelse. Och Chopins grav. Jag visste faktiskt inte att han är begraven i Paris. Och hans nocturner är nog jättefina, jag lyssnade just i går på en från en CD och bestämde mig för att öva den igen, jag har inte nu spelat den på länge. Hur är det förresten med pianolektionerna, har du fått en redan?

Nina (fast det kanske du kunde gissa :)

Nuuskis said...

Int visste ja heller att han va begravd här innan de van nån som berätta de för mig förra veckan. Så så klart måste ja ju vallfärda dit ;) Har faktikst int ännu haft någo pianolektioner men om allt går enligt planerna ska ja ha den första om två veckor. Jej! :)

Hoppas allt e bra i Hagalund!

Anonymous said...

Jag besökte samma gravar förra våren när jag var i Paris! (Först gick vi såklart igenom de andra begravningsplatserna med mamma innan vi hittade till Père Lachaise, och såg andra gravar. :))

Operan ser jättefin ut! Den skulle jag vilja besöka nästa gång jag far till Paris. :) (Vilket förhoppningsvis sker snart... Jag saknar Paris så otroligt mycket, det är kul att läsa din blogg och se vilka platser du besöker! Har du varit till Amélies café redan?)


Nuuskis said...

Har faktiskt gått förbi Amèlies café men inte varit inne ännu. Men det blir nog också snart! :) Int kan man ju vara i Paris utan att dricka en kopp kaffe där! ...eller te... eller kakao :P