Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My new home

This is what Paris looked like yesterday morning:

A snowy Jardin du Luxembourg (the park near my university), apparently every one was too busy for work and didn't have time to pop in there :)

Place de la Sorbonne, right outside the university building. The funny thing was that most of the fountains were still on even though it’s the middle of the winter and it’s snowing! That would never happen in Finland...

This day has been good. The sun has been shining which emmideately affects my spirits. I did some shopping for my room and I finally have sheets in the bed! Oh, this night is just going to be sooo lovely! You can't possible imagine how hard it was to find simple sheets for the bed! I searched alreday yesterday, but the only big shopping centres I knew was Printemps and Lafayette, and over there they only had really expensive ones! But today, I had better luck. I found a blancet cover in a very luxury shop, but it happened to be on super-sale and cost me only 10€! And when I got home, I noticed it was 100% cotton sateen :D Not bad at all, I must say! Then I also found a big supermarket not too far away from... well, I guess I have to call it home now... So now I can start makeing food here with my new pan. Although, I think it's mostly gonna be noodles and pesto-pasta, since you can't make such complicated menus with only one single hot plate. I don't have an owen, neither a micro... How am I ever gonna manage?!

A few of you might by the way know that over here people drink café au lait, tea or chocolate from really big cups in the morning, they're like small bowls for soup! So I bought one too. I'm actually drinking tea from it right now. Jami! Another day I can as well use it four soup or noodles *lol*

As for the rest of the room, it's much bigger than I thought. Here's a bed, a bookshelf, a wardrope, a table with two chairs, a sink with a smal mirror and then the "kitchenette" with a stove, another sink and a fridge with a small freezer-box. And a big window! Yay! At first, when I saw it the first time, I thought it was pretty ugly. I don't think it has been renovated for a few years and the curtains have this wierd brown-orange colour. But now when I've gotten some brightly coloured stuff here, it's actually looking almost nice. I'm still going to buy some posters to put on the wall. I read that there's a quite nice, small postershop near the university so maybe I pop by there sometime next week.

Although I thought this would be a very social place, I haven't seen so many of the others living here yet, only a few in the elevator. But at least I know I have a techno-lover nextdoor. He/She listens to techno all the time! And I really mean ALL the time! And quite late too.... And it's almost all the time the same f*cking annoying song!! Aaargh! :D I've been thinking about buying some big speakers to my computer too... Revenge? Oh no, not at all! *saint*

I by the way got a bit of a chock when I got home in the evening. Someone had been in my room! At first I of course checked that my computer etc was still there, and after that I started to look around. It seems like somebody had actually been cleaning in my room! Most of my stuff were in order and the floor was cleared of everything, apparently for vacuuming it! I wonder if this only was a one-time service since I just moved in or if I'll really have a real housekeeper? This country is weird... really!

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