Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Look at this!

This is what the corridors of Sorbonne looked like yesterday, and today the whole building is totally blocked so yo can't get inside! Not even to visit the library, which is a bit stupid since most of the students still would need to go there! Gees! How can they still go on with this? It's been more than three months already! You think they would get tired of striking soon... But apparently not. And I don't even understand what they think they will gain by continuing this strike. If no change to the situation has come during the past three months, do they really think it will come now? I think they're just making their own life much more complicated... and ours too! We exchange students really need our credits for this semester...

But talking about the library. Perhaps you remember that I earlier told you about the library and how lovely I think it is? Well, even though it's forbidden, I took a sneaky-peaky photo of it yesterday while I was sitting there reading.

Isn't it beautiful? :) But very old fashioned. The drawers you see behind the tables is the old cathalogues. They still haven't put all their books in a computer-system, so if you look for a very old book, you have to go through the small cards in the drawers. And then make your demand at one of the counters. And then wait for a half an hour when they fetch your book. Just to realize that the title was misleading so that the book wasn't at all what you were looking for. Welcome to the modern France! :)

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