Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! :D

Bloody hell, it's been hot here in Paris these two last days! Yesterday it was about +27° and today around 30! Gaah! I don't know what to wear! Everything's too hot! The only place in the city that is ok is by the river because there there's always a small, cool breeze. And since it's too hot to do anything touristic, you just have to chill around. Which suits me very well ;)

Yesterday it was exactly one month after Liss' birthday and exactly one month before my birthday, so already in february we had decided to go and celebrate that by eating at Häagen-Dazs. We had seen that they served a chocolate fondue with fruits and small scoops of different flavoured ice cream, and it looked just so wonderful in the picture that we didn't mind the high price.

But before that, I enjoyed the sunshine by walking in to the city center and then chilled in Jardin de Luxembourg while reading a new book and waiting for Liss to come. Then we went to the Häagen-Dazs restaurant, all ready for the ice cream experience. But then it turned out that they had the fondue only during the winter season!!! NOOOO!!! In four long months we had been waiting for this day to come just to be able to eat it, and then tehy don't have it on the menu anymore! But ok, then we chose something other from the menu and I have to admit that even though I was a bit dissapointed not to be able to eat the chocolate fondue, the ice cream I had was till super! Mmm! Chocolate ice cream with pieces of brownie and some chocolate sause :P Not bad at all, huh?

Afterwards we took a small walk even though it was very hot outside. We actually went to see the statue of liberty here in Paris. So now I don't have to go to New York anymore ;)

Then in the evening we gathered up with some others for a picknick in Jardin de Luxembourg, but since the parks here in Paris aren't like the parks in Helsinki, that is open 24/7, we have to continue to another place when they closed it at 21.00. I find this a bit weird, but in the same time it's a good thing. The parks are cleaner and in better condition when nobody gets to them during the night.

After wandering here and there in the city, and seeing the Louvre by night, we eventually found ourselves on Pont des Arts again. And there we sat till around midnight :) So not at all a bad pre-birthday!

The green area in front of Louvre is by the way where the inverse pyramid underground is located. You know, very famous from the movie Da Vinci Code ;)

As I already said, it was even hotter today, so I didn't do so much. I did walk in to the city again, following the Seine, and ten I met up with a friend who's as an exchange student in Reims this spring. He had come to Paris already yesterday with some friends. And with him I went again, for the third time within 24 hour, to Jardin du Luxembourg (that you can see a small part of on the picture below) just to chill in the sun drinking some white wine and eating a baguette for lunch. And then I burned my skin. *sigh* But not very badly, though. Hopefully it'll turn to brown within a few days :)

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