Friday, May 22, 2009

Dubble personality

Wow! The strike finally ended! After almost four months! The french students will go on till the end of june, but I shouldn't have anything left after next week. After that it's just summer holidays for the last 2,5 weeks :)

It's weird, even though I've gotten a lot to do this week with finishing my last projects for my studies here, the time has passed by very, very slowly. It feels like ages ago when I realised that I only have 4 weeks left now. But that was only a few days ago. I guess that now that the end is getting so close, I'm way too excited about it. I think about it too much and therefor, the time passed by so slowly. It's weird. Because so far I think the time has passed by very fast. February feels almost like yesterday.

I don't really know what to tell you since nothing much has happened. But we did have, for the first time this year, a picknick on Pont des Arts. It's a bridge over the Seine near Louvre reserved only for pedestrians so every night, lots of young people gather there to have a small picknick. And while we sat there talking while drinking some wine and eating baguettes, there was suddenly some touristes who walked by and took a photo of us! :P Quite ironic, isn't it? Tourists taking pictures of other tourists that they mistake for real parisians.

The building you see in the end of Pont des Arts is the Institut de France. Don't know what it's good for, though...

But I've actually developed a dubble personality over here. Sometimes I'm a tourist, sometimes almost a parisian (still quite far away from a real one, but you know what I mean) so as soon as the weekend comes and the city is filled with tourists, I go crazy! It's so irritating when they just stand there in the middle of the road with their big maps taking photos and makeing it really hard to walk on the sidewalks. But then a few minutes later I found myself too taking a photo of something nice I haven't seen before :)

Like this, for exemple:

It's a medieval garden I found behind the medieval museum right next to Sorbonne. It's in the heart of one of the touristic areas in Paris, but still almost nobody finds it. So it was very nice and calm there. I sat down on a bench next to the small rosegarden, reading a book and smelling the lovely perfume of roses. And I didn't even freak out when I saw a wasp! *proud*

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