Monday, May 11, 2009

Travel journal, part seven: Bourgogne

Last week I spent in the french countryside, more preciesly in the southern part of the region of Bourgogne. And it was LOVELY! I hadn't realized before how sick of this big city with the traffic, the crowded streets and the metro I am. It felt so damn good to get away to a place that looked like this:

Vineyards wherever you looked, mountains in the horizon (I even saw Mont Blanc!), small, cosy villages here and there. And the best of all was that I went there to meet my penpal so I lived with her and her family. I got to sleep in a soft bed with a real blanket and a real pillow! Oh, heavanly! And they took me to a lot of placed in the nearby region and I experiensed so many amazing things. It was just so relaxing. I felt like a totally new person when I got back. And actually, I didn't at all want to get back to Paris. I could have stayed in the countryside for much longer!

...lovely family, by the way. They all called me Moomin since Malin apparently was too hard to pronounce. Isn't that sweet? :P

Over there, I stayed at this cute, small village called Clessé in the middle of the vineyards and some mountains. From there we took the car or the train to the cities of Dijon, Mâcon et Louhans, among others, but this would however be a very long post if I told you about every single little city or town I visited, because I visited quite many. Everyone interested can in stead come and visit me in Helsinki once I get back to Finland and I'll show you all the pictures I took ;)

But among the thing's I did was this:

I ate frogs! :D And it tasted good! Really! Like a mix between fish and chicken, actually. And the persley-butter was delicious! I was in fact very french and used my bread to get it all up from my plate :P

Then I also visited a prehistoric cave and climbed up a small mountain. The view was magnificent from up there, eventhough it was mostly vineyards and small towns there too :)

But now I'm back in Paris. The first afternoon here was still ok, but yesterday it rained the whole day and today when I walked to Sorbonne, there were so many people on the streets that I almost went crazy! Gaaaah!!! I like to keep my privacy, thank you!

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