Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something beautiful

Today I did the last things I had on my "to do"-list before going home and I actually found some very beautiful things.

These beautiful ladies live in Jardin de Luxembourg and of course, I've seen them many times before and I always stop to admire them too, but it occured to me that I've actually never memorized them in a photo. But now I did it :)

Then I finally took a stroll through the old covered passages in Paris. Here's the one I found the most beautiful. It's called Galerie Vivienne and is filled with fancy shops and cafés. I liked the other passages very much too, but their interior wasn't as special as this one. But the athmosphere was perhaps more lively and relaxed in the other ones. Galerie Vivienne is a real parisian place - very chic :P

And do you know what this is? This is actually the roof (and the top floors) of Galeries Lafayette, the most chic department store in Paris. Stockmann in Helsinki looks very, very cheap compared to this one! :D But even though you can't afford to buy anything in there, it's still nice to just walk around and be amazed by all the stuff you find there. On the ground floor, with all the cosmetica etc they, for example, have a big aquarium filled with exotic fish next to the stand that sell a cream called "Crème de la Mer" (Cream of the sea). Then I just can't help being chocked when I see the prices of some of the clothes... I mean, it's crazy!

Apart from visiting all these chic places, I also did something much more simple: I said goodbye to "my" piano over here.

She's so very beautiful, isn't she? In such a simple and careless way... I'm gonna miss her. But in the same time it's so nice to get back home where I have the piano in my own appartment and where I'm able to play whenever I want to. I have to admit that during the last two months here in Paris, I haven't played the piano so much. There has always been something else to do and it always feels so difficult to go downstairs. You also always have to check the time to see if you can play or not. And then it really, really disturbed me to know that everyone could hear me. So yeah, even though this piano was wonderful, it's still gonna be nice to get home to my own piano.... although I do wish it would be a real one too :P

Beauty is really something I've learnt to appreciate more here in Paris. I don't think I've ever before in my life visited as many art museums and really spent a lot of time in then admiring the sculptures and paintings. I've also been amazed by the beautiful colours outside when the spring breaks out to its' full blossom. I mean, I've always loved spring because spring makes the snow melt away and you know that the summer is coming. It's also so amazing how everything (and everyone) starts living! You can almost see all the plants growing... But even though the spring in Finland is lovely, the spring over here is almost better. Because it's so much faster and there's so many more colours everywhere. And after living in a big city, the wildness of the nature also gets a new, very special place in your heart. You gasp of joy and feel so happy everytime you see the sea or a forest.

I have to say that I like this new awareness I've developed very much. I just hope I won't forget it right after I'll get back to my normal life and normal environment.

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