Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Music in Paris

Now I only have a bit over one week left. Three of my best friends are coming on friday and then we fly home together on wednesday next week. Yay! I'm started to get so excited! :D I'd like to start packing already, but that feels a bit silly since I don't think it will take more than a few hours to pack all my stuff... But maybe on thursday.

I thought I would have felt at least a bit sad to leave Paris, but actually I don't. Neither does it feel like I HAVE to get out of here right now! It's more like... I don't know... Like now this experience is over and it's time to move on. Or that it's time to go back to my normal life again. This spring was just a small and different face in my life, a small adventure. But now I'm ready to go back to all the things I've learnt to appreciate so much more during my stay in Paris.

These last days before friday afternoon I'm all "alone" in Paris. Sophie started her trip back to Finland by train already yesterday and Liss will spend this week in Germany with a friend. I take it easy. No need to stress for anything anymore. I've made a small list of the things I still wanna see in Paris before I leave, but that's the only thing that keeps me occupied. And then of course planning a marvellous stay for my friends ;)

But enough nonsence now. Since I'm coming back home soon, I guess it's time to make some kind of summary of Paris and my stay here. And today I'll start with something very close to my heart: music. As you all know, Paris is famous for its' musicians standing on the streets. And believe me, there's lots of them! Every time (or at least almost...) I've seen someone special or really good, I've taken a small sample-video of him/her/them. I've already shown you the cute old man in Orléans, but I've found so many others too. So here we go:

This girl is actually quite traditional but she sings very well down in the St.Michel metro-station :)

These guys, however, I liked very much for some reason. This song is quite slow, but sometimes they played really lively, russian songs. Always standing at the same place down in the metro-station Châtelet.

He's pretty amazing, isn't he? Unfortunately you can't hear it that well, but he actually plays at least three instruments at the same time. And in all he has about five or six instruments attached to him. This video is taken in the park Buttes Chaumont.

This group on Pont des Arts really had a jam going on! I loved it!

In Montmartre, on the steps right in front of the church Sacré-Coeur I found a guy who even had the audience with him! Everyone was singing along, and that's very rare! Usually people just walk right by them, sometimes stoping for a while or giving them a coin. But that's it.

And this jazzy group was standing on the promenade by the Seine one evening when I was walking home after a picknick.

I also once saw a chinese woman playing on that chinese guitar-instrument that I actually don't know the name for. But I didn't feel like stoping for taking a video right then since there were too many people around... :)

This last street-musician video is perhaps my favourite even though it's not taken i Paris. This old man I saw in Bourgogne in a small town called Louhans, and he's playing with a saw! I've never seen that before in real life, only in movies... It's a real shame though that the sound in this video is so bad, because he played really, really well! And some very catchy and famous songs too! ...and sorry, I had also forgotten that I can't turn my camera like this when I shoot videos since you can't turn them around afterwards...

Except all these musicians on the streets, I also love to enter a catholic church during a mass. Unlike the churches here in Finland, everyone actually sings along in the churches here in France! And then they always also has a choir singing, so the music is really fantastic! This one is filmed in the cathedral of Chartres.

Well, hope you enjoyed this small Parisian or french music-session :) Sorry once again for the poor quality of the sound...

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