Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J'adore la Finlande!

Home, sweet home! Oh, it feels so great to be back in Finland! Everything's so beautiful and calm and... well, simply the best! Much better than I remembered. Or perhaps I've just too overwhelmed about everything... Maybe it'll pass soon enough :) A few times I've thought about my time in Paris, sometimes perhaps with a small sting in my heart. But most of the time I've been too busy to think back. I'm just enjoying being back home.

The last five days in Paris with my friends were wonderful! During the weekend we rushed through all the main sights and then chilled and shopped during the last two days. And even though I had seen everything before, it still felt so different seeing it with my best friends. Even though I had spent the last 4,5 months living in Paris, the last days still felt more like a short holiday than showing my friends around. And I think it made it easier to leave too. Perhaps I'm gonna start missing Paris more later on when I've gotten more used to Finland again, but right now I only have one more thing to say:

Been there, done that. Goodbye Paris!

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